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Dr Dorel Iosif

Managing Partner, LAVAUX
Foggy Forest

At LAVAUX we believe in:






Q. Why the name Lavaux Global?

The name comes from Switzerland's Lavaux Valley... a stretch of land between Lausanne and Montreux on the shore of Lake Geneva and famous for its vineyards. What is interesting is the fact that these vineyards were producing wine as far as the Roman times. The company's name reflects the resilience and incredible beauty of the Lavaux region.

Q. In your opinion, what makes a company successful ?

Companies that are most successful master a culture that enables and connects:

  • Innovation with superior execution

  • High performance staff with effective team work

  • Asset orchestration with individual needs and values


It is in a way the interplay between technical fitness and evolutionary fitness.

Successful companies, purposely build a “tension mechanism” between creativity (essential to innovation) and discipline (essential to execution). This is not trivial at all but such mechanism inspires and motivates; it is forward looking but also delivers core value today. The trick is to get people highly aligned but loosely interconnected so you don’t stifle creativity.


Success is highly dependent on this tension mechanism standing the test of time.

Another avenue for success is to acquire high performance staff  ahead of the “complexity” rate of growth. This ensures that you create a stimulating environment whereby a business can grow, perform and be agile in the same time.

Agility requires generative sensing and the ability to adapt and reconfigure when and where necessary; it is a dynamic capability that businesses may wish to nurture.

Of course none of this is possible without a culture based on strong values and principles that are enduring and guide organizational behaviour.

Q. Where from here ?

Einstein once said that "imagination takes you everywhere".
We imagined  a management consulting business that  offers clients holistic advice... that is, we address the whole, not just strategy or performance improvements or organization effectiveness.
Sometimes we advise and other times we consult.
We work at the transformational level (strategy and mission, organizational culture and leadership) as well as at the transactional level (structure, management practices systems and work unit climate) and connect the two in a harmonious way.

It is our promise of value.


at the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy

Lecture - 2022

"The History of Innovation and Other Heretic Ideas"

Lecture - 2021

"Talent on-demand and what do you need for a successful blended workforce strategy"

Helping Organisations Thrive Podcast

Dr Dorel Iosif...interview on Strategy and more.
00:00 / 32:23

Julian Roberts interviews Dr Dorel Iosif on his Podcast "Helping Organizations Thrive".

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CEO World Magazine

Dr Dorel Iosif featured in the CEO World Magazine November 2021 issue (pg.13)
"A New Paradigm for Workforce."

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