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We transform intuitive insights into strategic foresight, empowering you to reimagine and shape the future of your business.


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LAVAUX is composed of a seasoned ensemble of current and past CEOs, Board advisors, Chairpersons, and senior executives from expansive, complex, and diverse organizations.


Our core offerings encompass management, change consulting, and advisory services, all anchored in a foundation of strategic and operational leadership.

Central to our mission is a persistent commitment to envision and decipher the future, which shapes our approach in every endeavour.


We are strategists, management consultants and advisors — inspired by transforming clients’ businesses so that they can reach escape velocity.

We help clients build Schumpeterian advantage and create new control points for value.

View our system thinking philosophy 

The EU’s AI Act represents an immense step toward responsible AI governance. Its provisions and the establishment of the AI Office signal the EU’s commitment to digital safety. 

Whether it becomes a global norm remains to be seen, but its impact on raising awareness and scrutiny of AI risks is undeniable.

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By combining various styles, they create a symphony of leadership that resonates with their followers, achieving remarkable results.


Remember, leadership isn’t a solo performance; it’s a collaborative masterpiece orchestrated by a versatile conductor like Claus Kleiber.


~Dr Dorel Iosif, CEO LAVAUX Advisory

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