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We turn sensing into strategic thinking to help you reimagine and shape the future of your business.


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We are a group of current and former CEOs, Board advisors, Chairpersons and senior executives with large, multifaceted and multi cultural organisations.


LAVAUX provides management, change consulting and advisory services grounded in strategic and operational leadership. At the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to peek into and make sense of the future.

We are strategists, management consultants and advisors — inspired by transforming clients’ businesses so that they can reach escape velocity.

Our team envisions and inspires.

We help clients build Schumpeterian advantage and create new control points for value .

View our system thinking philosophy 

Apophenia    æpoʊ'fi:niə

is the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data.

Benoit Mandelbrot reminds us about  “the inevitable consequence of the human need to find patterns in the patternless” . Hence, we are often the prisoners of our own cognitive biases.
Great leaders are those who are able to overcome such biases while creating an environment of intellectual stimulation. 
They create a new context, inspire, orchestrate, deal with change and think about evolutionary adaptive transformation. They are inviting others not to just simply follow but to co-create.


" Successful companies purposely build a
tension mechanism  between
 creativity  - essential for innovation 
 discipline  - essential to execution "

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