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Corporate-Level Strategy

ESG Advisory and Reporting
Business Unit and Functional Strategy
Corporate Strategic Planning Process
Dynamic Capabilities Diagnosis
Mergers and Acquisitions
Integration Support
Vision Driven Growth & Alignment
CEO's 100-day-challenge

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We work with Companies' leadership to  improve the strategic posture of the business  and build or re-configure operations and capabilities to gain clear competitive advantage in the current markets and expand into new arenas. 

We are:

- progressive,
- transformational, and
- intellectually elastic


- rigorous,
- informed, and insightful.

As traditionally strong industry boundaries fade and disappear, we at LAVAUX look beyond "coping with competition" so that our clients become evolutionary fit. We place emphasis on difficult to replicate asset orchestration & innovation.


.. many activities across multiple departments and stakeholders


1. We listen.

We start by understanding the purpose of the business, the strategic posture of the company or business units and where and how the people fit.

Then we ask ourselves: what is required to deliver your vision ?

2. We envision.

We employ deep diagnosis, generative sensing and take you on this journey.

We work at all levels: transformational, transactional and individual and connect them in a harmonious manner.
We understand ambidexterity and the need for  today's exploitation and tomorrow's exploration phases.

3. We deliver.

That is because we plan, collaborate, communicate, assess risk and observe a tight review schedule. 
We master the quality decision making process that ensures we don't lose sight of our agreed outcomes.

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Lavaux Global Consulting and Advisory
Lavaux Global Consulting and Advisory

Apophenia    æpoʊ'fi:niə

is the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data.

Benoit Mandelbrot reminds us about  “the inevitable consequence of the human need to find patterns in the patternless” . Hence, we are often the prisoners of our own cognitive biases.
Great leaders are those who are able to overcome such biases while creating an environment of intellectual stimulation. 
They create a new context, inspire, orchestrate, manage change and think about evolutionary adaptive transformation.

They are inviting others not to just simply follow but to co-create.

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